Magento Development

We build enterprise e-commerce web applications built on the stable and mature Magento e-commerce framework

Built from the ground up to be an e-commerce framework, Magento is a robust E-commerce platform that offers a vast array of features to develop productive and efficient business web solutions, that are both creative and user friendly. Its custom features include unique catalogue management, product displays, shopping cart and check-out procedures. It is open source which ensures it is constantly updated to meet future technologies and requirements.

What is Magento?

Magento was born as open source software and as such has its origins in an international community of talented developers constantly developing, customising and rapidly developing this model. There are currently two primary editions of Magento available - Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition.

Magento Community Edition is the base of the Magento suite of products. It is free open source software that provides the core code and basic features to enable businesses to get their online store up and running. It does not have direct access to technical support, though significant support can be accessed via the user forums and as an organisation, we can directly support this product in-house.

Magento Enterprise Edition, shares the same base as Magento Community Edition, with code level access, however it addresses a specific retailer need for advanced features and deep customisation. This edition is available via an annual fee.

What can Magento do?

Magento simply enables a business to reach more markets, maximise profits and motivate customers to purchase more in line with their specific preferences.

It is the most feature-rich Ecommerce systems on the planet, with more flexibility than any other Ecommerce product on the market. These features are constantly growing and evolving. There are currently more than 3,500 add-on modules.

It allows for a superior search engine capability, scalable performance for growth, secure PD-DSS compliant platform that supports strong data encryption and mobile HTML 5 web shop.

It has an intuitive administration interface, which provides an ability to update and refine the site over time. This allows for the ongoing development and management of a site past initial core site launch. Cross promotion, email newsletters and segmented customer assisted shopping are also seamless add-ons with the platform.