Responsive Web Design

We offer mobile web solutions that are cost effective, not device or provider specific, and provide maximum accessibility to an existing website

Gone are the days where consumers surf the net on their home computer. Today, there is an endless array of options available with new models of smart phones and tablets released daily.

Since the iPhone release in 2007, and subsequent Android and iOS releases, smartphone usage has increased tremendously. With this change comes a need for companies to change with the way their product is viewed, accessed, interacted with and integrated across a wide variety of mediums. The emphasis is no longer on how a site displays on PC vs Mac rather how it integrates across different screen sizes, technologies and platforms – the answer lies in creation of the optimal ‘responsive’ site.

At PixaMind, we design our websites to fit comfortably in as many screen variations sizes, shapes and resolutions as you can possibly think of giving the browser a fluid and greater browsing experience on whichever medium the end user chooses to use. We build our sites from the viewpoint of the smallest mobile up. We have extensive experience creating fluid Responsive designs that ensure your site displays beautifully on everything from the smallest phone to the largest tablet.

There is no mistaking the seismic shift in the market towards mobile devices. Recent research indicates that over 30% of E-commerce sales are now coming from phones and tablets users . Adapting your site to meet these new technologies is no longer a nice to have, but an essential component.