Wordpress Development

Passionately delivering quality WordPress solutions

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is currently the most popular blogging and content management tool which is the backbone of more than 60 million websites and is an integral part of 19 percent of the top 10 million websites in the world. PixaMind, the WordPress development company (also) takes pride in saying that it has the in-depth know-how of the technology providing tailored solutions to the customers. Based on PHP and MySql, the widespread popularity of this tool owes to the endless features it has been offering since its inception in 2003. Its user friendly back-end nature gives freedom of maintaining blogs and content without any technical proficiency in web design. As far as the website is made in WordPress, you can update it hassle free by adding pages and multimedia content without any knowledge of coding. Moreover, the open-source trait does not incur high development cost.

A glimpse of the benefits of choosing WordPress

  • It is ‘search-engine friendly’, so higher possibilities of your website crawled by the search engines means better ranking on the web.
  • Attuned to every web platform be it is mobile or desktop.
  • Thousands of plug-ins available to increase scope of its functionality.
  • Plenty of publishing tools makes website content management easy.
  • Conforms to the newest web standards like XHTML.
  • Large active community support.

Benefits of choosing WordPress development at PixaMind

  • Quick installation, setup and maintenance.
  • Integration with your existing website.
  • Custom CMS development.
  • Custom blog, theme and template development.
  • Prominent in building custom applications like user management, translations, database etc.
  • Creation of complex web solutions like social networking, forums, web portals and covering e-commerce functionality like ‘wish list’, ‘e-cart’and catalogue site.
  • SEO packages to enrich websites and enhance their presence on the web.

We are passionate in delivering quality WordPress solutions to hear that ‘wow’ from our clients. Our professional squad has all the needed expertise in the field. If you want to hire us for WordPress solutions or just want to ascertain that this open-source technology is fit for your dream project, get connected with us to find the solution that is parallel to your needs.